First Anniversary Bonanza - part 3 of 3

*****Hey Toppers, just a quick note about today’s episode. It includes clips from other podcasts, which means that there are different styles incorporated into the episode. While there is nothing overtly inappropriate, if you’re listening with little Toppers you might want to listen through first to make sure there’s nothing you want the kiddos to skip. I just wanted to give a heads up to avoid any surprises. Thank you for listening!*****

Salutations Toppers, and thank you for lending me your ears!

Episode 52 topics: Another bite of the cherry/apple; Teach granny to suck eggs; Throw out the baby with the bathwater; Don’t have a pot to piss in or a door to throw it out of; Golden shower; Until you’re blue in the face

Today’s podpal contributors: Mirths and Monsters, Color Me Dead, and Varmints

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